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Field Work Around New York City

In my three years as an Environmental Engineer working for a small woman owned consulting firm I have worked on numerous projects in the field from water quality and soil sampling to civil inspection work. Here are some quick summaries of past projects. 

Although a short term project, VOC and Particulate monitoring in Queens was a particularly important project to ensure there was no spread of possible spread of contaminants off the site. Engineering controls were designed to mitigate any dust generated from excavation and construction. Monitoring stations were placed around the site and near surrounding buildings.

Sampling on the Gowanus Canal

One of my first projects was water quality sampling of the Gowanus Canal. Sampling was performed after Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) events in order to understand the level of contamination and develop solutions for the City's Long Term Control Plans. As gross as it sounds it wasn't that bad, and an enjoyable day out on a boat in the right weather.

VOC and Particulate Monitoring in Queens
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