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Night Life at a Landfill

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Working in the environmental and construction field sometimes brings less than common assignments, my current project is one that requires me to work overnight shifts monitoring shipments of Rip Rap (large stones) being delivered to a landfill. The Rip Rap has come by barge from upstate New York to Long Island and is now being trucked to the landfill to be used for coastal protection. The work is being performed at night to avoid traffic that would double or triple the time on the road for the trucks, so basically to save money but a nice side effect is the reduction in carbon emissions and particulates from the diesel engines because of less truck time on the road, woohoo bonus environmental benefits!

The landfill is a semi-creepy place at night, located at the dead end of a road only used by those visiting the landfill, and as I found out from police officer that pulled up a “place where people bring prostitutes sometimes.”. Since arriving tonight and because of daylight savings time, it is much brighter than last week although the sun has gone done. This dimly lit dead end has already had a few unexpected visitors before the trucks started arriving. So far two cats have run across the road and entered the landfill through a hole in the fence, a ginger one and a black and white one. I tried to get them to come over to the car but they wouldn’t listen. They were then followed by a large racoon who came through the wide-open gate. I tried to get a picture of him (or her) but wasn’t successful. Racoons can run pretty fast maybe even faster than Usain Bolt, who really knows? Along came a black cat next, he (or she) appeared twice, neither time for very long but I was able to take a quick blurry picture. The landfill hasn’t accepted any waste in years and will eventually be turned into a park for people to visit. There are great views of the City and Jamaica Bay from the top of the mound and I’m sure there is a lot more wildlife around in warmer months. It’s not a great place to spend the night but the animals help.

Following the night life at the landfill 10/10 would recommend.

Spotted: a black cat

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