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Van Search Update: It Continues

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Quick van search updates as I have told so many people about getting a van and have yet to post about getting a van. I unfortunately have not yet found the van for me, but not from lack of trying. My search has had multiple opportunities where I have been waiting on more information or the right time to see a van and missed a couple of opportunities. The past four weekends have been taken up by various activities like parents and friends visiting that I have willingly prioritized over going to look at vans.

The closest I have gotten was waiting on one dealer to fix up a van I had seen about six weeks ago, I had been in weekly contact with him. I initially felt great about this van although the check engine light was on and I was not able to test drive it. At first I was told the van just needed a new glow plug module which was ordered from Germany. According to Nathan, at least twice the wrong part came in the mail. I don't know whether to believe him or not, I didn't get a bad feeling when I met him but who knows. He hasn't gotten back to me, I'll give him another call but the van is no longer listed on his website. I think I am moving on from this one even though it fit all my criteria and was a decent price, maybe too low.... suspicious.

I have my eye on another 2005 sprinter, it is the smaller one compared to the 2007-2008 that I'm looking for but the older model has a simpler engine with many benefits over the newer ones, better gas mileage and easier to maintain and fix. I go back and forth on which year of van I want and since it has been very difficult to find the '07/08 sprinters the 2004-2006 ones are looking even more appealing. The one I'm looking at is closer to Philadelphia so it is a bit of a trek to go check it out. It has been listed since day one of my search which makes me think others have seen it and passed on it, or maybe others haven't found it yet?

I have now found a really promising looking 2008 sprinter, slightly higher priced than I was hoping but lower mileage than I was looking for so it could be a better investment. I plan to visit this van in New Jersey this weekend and have a good feeling about it.

After hours of combing through probably a hundred used car websites and putting in dozens of inquiries I have not given up hope even though things have fallen through now a number of times. I still feel closer than ever to getting the right van for me.

Not giving up on a project if it hits a rough patch 10/10 would recommend

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