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Oh Come On! My Van Tagged, Hooray

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Oh man, what a whirlwind of a Friday afternoon. It began with a long week including a great visit one of my fellow Bike and Builder's Eric that brought the New York City Crew together, then being stuck on the subway for over an hour on the way home from the bar. No hot water in the apartment for a couple of days. I took one freezing shower and then decided it wasn't worth doing that again. It's Friday night and there is still no hot water....

The subway was again delayed on my way home from work, I got off one stop early to check on the van and I found this...

OH COME ON, it's been 5 days and my poor van has already been defaced by some absolute shithead. I would be happy if it was good graffiti but that's just some lazy garbage. A tag like that doesn't even deserve to be on the side of a porta-potty.

I am not even mad, I will just add "remove crap from side of van" to my to do list tomorrow. A to do list that already includes remove rust and cover screw holes in the frame. I'm so excited to begin this adventure of making a completely customized weekend camper exactly how I want and no vandal will stop me.

The check engine light came on after 3 days also.... woohoo.

A full detailed blog about the buying experience will be posted shortly, it's quite a lengthy story so look out for that. Subscribe to the blog to get updates!

Again, it's Friday night which means its's Fancy Cocktail Friday! and this weeks cocktail is white wine! Hooray! I got lazy.

Another thing I am also excited about is this nifty little tripod that I purchased (full review to come) to help make videos of the van conversion. I fully expect this to be the missing instrument of a vlogging masterpiece coming soon to a youtube near you.

I apologies for the lack of posting but there is some great ones to come that are half typed up on my phone right now. Gotta use the subway delays for something productive.

My gopro batteries and my drill batteries are all charged up. I'm ready for some van converting tomorrow!

Staying positive and laughing at it no matter how crap the graffiti is: 10/10 would recommend

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