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The Final Step - Safety and Emissions Testing

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The van is now registered in New York State and the 10 day temporary safety and emissions sticker is about to expire. New York State makes all vehicles pass an annual safety and emissions test, a vehicle must get pass the test in order to be registered in the state. I'm not 100% sure of everything in the test, but I know the safety part looks at tires, lights, the frame, etc and the emissions test is done by hooking up a computer and running some tests on the exhaust system. I have though a lot about this test as it would be the first time I've ever had to have a vehicle pass this test (Florida doesn't do this) and could be the difference between the engine running fine or a massive repair cost or somewhere in between.

One reason I was worried about this test is because the check engine light had come on a couple times since getting the van but it went away by itself, it's like a Wolverine van. A check engine light could mean a failed test. The van runs fine (in my not expert opinion) but there is a stronger than probably should be smell coming from the engine. Anyway, I called around a few places to see if they do diesel emissions tests or even work on sprinter. I didn't have much luck at the beginning. I called one place, Malibu Auto (great name for a place located in the middle of Flatbush...), but was then forwarded to another number than just never picked up. The Dodge dealership said they didn't work on them, the van has a Dodge badge but it is a Mercedes van underneath but still. I asked my great friend Reise if he knew any mechanics in New York and thankfully he did, a connection from his past work in Queens. I called them up and they said they do the emissions tests. I asked to schedule an appointment and the guy said "sure". I said "First thing tomorrow, 8am?". He said "yea that works." There was definitely not anything written down or logged in anyway but oh well, 8am on Wednesday May 16th. I was more nervous for this test than any test of my own intelligence throughout years of school. As I write this, I am on my way to work and will pick up the van this afternoon....

Picking up after writing on my way to the van...

Got to work, lots to do, van kind of went to the back of my mind. Along comes lunch. I'm eating with my very nice co-worker Dmitrijs who knows all about the van after me giving him unsolicited daily updates at our frequent water cooler/coffee breaks. He tells me to just call the repair shop and find out. This is a good idea. I call up, get put on hold, after 30 seconds or so the guy finally says "yea it's done and ready for pickup" and hangs up. What the. How about telling me how it went. I called back immediately, he responds "it passed" and hung up again. VAN VICTORY! What a weight lifted off my shoulders, the safety and emissions test was the last step in having the van fully registered and legal on the streets of New York. Currently still on the R train to go pick up the van, it's raining, it won't dampen my happiness. Passing a test you don't have any control over 10/10 would recommend

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