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Van Got Some New Kicks

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Two days ago I noticed a large gash in the front passengers side tire, no idea where it came from. My knowledge of tires is limited and I was not comfortable driving at a higher speed or over rough terrain so I found a local tire shop to get some advice. I stopped by Luna Tires on Dean St and Classon Ave after work and they were great!

I pulled up and a guy came out, I told him about the issue and asked if I would need a new tire, maybe it could be salvaged. He checked out the gash and just said "oh shit!" so that answered my question. He instructed me to pull up on the sidewalk and he would take care of it "I came to the right place" he stated.

As I was waiting for them to find the right new tire I waited with a few other workers/friends of the shop owner as they had a TV playing the world cup game! What great service!

I also wanted to get the spare tire checked out as it's always a good idea to have that available. What a surprise when it was removed from underneath the van....

No idea what happened to the spare tire.

The spare clearly had to be replaced so I bought two new tires.

I have only driven a short distance on the new tire but I'm much more comfortable than driving with a potentially dangerous one. I think the original tire also had a slow leak so it was only a matter of time before it was replaced anyway. Although spending the money was unexpected I'm glad the situation worked out the way it did and I now have the spare tire ready if there are any future issues.

New van shoes and watching the World Cup 10/10 would recommend

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