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Custom Sprinter Van Sun Shades

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Working in the field the past couple of weeks I have had a solid amount of down time between borings and permeability tests, tests down for green infrastructure investigation and design. I was able to make the most of of this free time and work on the van. Today I made custom sun shades out of reflectix for every window in the van. The weather has been blisteringly hot outside but I am refusing to turn on the van for AC. Deaiel prices are up and I'm broke as f*#$. I already had the material for the sun shades so hopefully they help keep the temperature in the van under control.

The custom shades are only custom because I hastily made them in a few hours and no two pieces are cut the same, that's what custom really means. Below I have outlined the Stew Steps to custom sun shades.

Step 1: Roughly measure the window. Cut an inch extra material on each side.

Step 2: Roughly cut out the size of the window. I used a pair of kitchen scissors and they worked well.

Step 3: Jam the cut piece of reflectix into the window and Mark with a sharpie all the overlapping parts. Trim those off. This will take many iterations to get right

Step 4: The reflictix pieces I cut fit snuggley into the frame of the window and didn't fall out but if they do then I will cut a sticky magnet strip into pieces and attach it to the side of the sun shade. For the driver and passenger windows I duct taped two pieces together with enough extra tape to pass over the window separating beam.

Repeat all the steps for each window. Good luck with the wind shield, mine is shit and needs to be recut. Maybe ask someone to provide assistance.

Steps to avoid: Parking a sketchy white van with covered windows in front of a Early Childhood Development Center.

Making your own window shades while at work 10/10 would recommend

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