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A Brief Review of Living with Someone Else's Cat

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I first met the quite chubby and equally as fluffy Chester on a sweltering summers day in July 2014 while meeting potential roommates living in Brooklyn, NY. He was quite skittish for a cat of his large stature and immediately ran away from me. Not a very successful first meeting. Now after living together for three years I am displeased to report he does the same exact thing every time I walk in the door. On the positive side he does come out of hiding after 30 seconds and proceeds to meow-grunt for attention that he did his best to avoid 30 seconds previous. The follow list are my comments of living with Chester my roommates cat.

1. He Meow-grunts. I'll try get a recording of this peculiar noise but if I had to spell it it would be a high pitched"mmmrRaugh" He does this when he lays/falls down to the ground.

2. He is a picky eater. He has never eaten an human food I have offered him but requires that his 75% full bowl of food be filled up to the top before he eats or he meows louder than a 747.

3. He sucks at doing cat things. For example, The apartmemt had a small mouse living somewhere in it, one day I saw it and grabbed Chester and threw him towards it in hopes of triggering his natural instincts of mouse catching. He looked at it and walked away, so I did too. Shocking he somehow caught the mouse without me noticing. He had the mouse clutch in his ferocious jaws of death and dropped it in front of me, looking smug and satisfied with his work. The mouse then jump up and ran away.

4. Often times wants all the attention. Sometimes meows till you pet him, sometimes meows then runs away.

5. Is a fiend for a heating blanket. During the winter months he can be found on the foot of my bed when I'm home. He just loves to sit on the heated blanket and tries to get as much of his larger than life body in contact with it.

6. Cats have hair and shed, that's okay, I have a beard and it sheds too. I try to control where Chester's hair goes so if he is on my bed he gets his own "Chester Snuggie" Sometimes he is pretty good at sitting on it, sometimes he is a little shit. (see photo evidence)

Chester is a nice cat to have your roommate have. 10/10 would recommend.

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