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Jury Duty: An Unexpected Experience

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Two weeks ago I received a letter (see above). I was a little but excited but not a lot. I would get to participate in part of the criminal justice system guaranteed by law and get a day away from the office as a small bonus. The only other time I have been infront of a judge was to contest a horrendously stupid bike ticket that was dismissed almost instantly. I informed my employer of my summons for jury duty and that's fine. The morning of May 10th, I show up at the Kings County Courthouse at 360 Adams street at about 8:35, the subway was of course delayed. There's a huge line outside waiting to go through security. 25 minutes later I'm through, I grab a juror survey and start filling it out. Once I'm done checking off all the boxes that apply to me I flip it over and realize it's a scanton (just like back in the college days) and I had to completely bubble in the bubbles, not just put a big ticket mark through them. I got a new one and re-did it. This turned out to be the most exciting thing that happened all day as I was never even called into a courtroom for questioning. I sat in a big cold hall all day, got a one hour lunch break, and watched a few episodes of Netflix ( Lost in Space, wouldn't really recommend it there are much better options available but I was invested). On a strange coincidence the guy I sit next to in the office, Eugene, also had jury duty so talking to him helped pass the time. He was called up but wasn't selected. We had Vietnamese sandwiches for lunch. Overall not a bad experience but I feel I was robbed (just realized the pun on a second read through) that I didn't have the opportunity to hear about any cases or potentially be a real juror. Some people might say this was lucky. Now I don't have to go to jury duty again for 8 years. Hooray! The inevitability of jury duty but having an okay time 10/10 would recommend

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