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Messenger Bag

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I recently decided to upgrade to a more professional looking work bag for going to my office or any client meetings as attending meetings with my cycling backpack just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. Having to look presentable in a suit doesn't mix too well with a large waterproof bag on my back, even though I'm all about the functionality and don't believe looks equate to professionalism or the ability to do a good job at all. Still it was time.

After doing the bare minimum research on a bag I decided to go with this one. Its a canvas and leather messenger bag for an affordable $40ish dollars.

It's turned out great so far. The leather is nice, nothing fancy. It is advertised as Crazy Horse Leather which is supposedly the rugged kind of leather that shows some scratches and wear and tear. I added some leather balm that I had for my bicycle saddle to help protect and waterproof it and it looks pretty nice. The adjustable shoulder strap is a canvas material but I think rather stylish (I could be very wrong) it could use some kind of shoulder cushion though. The two pockets on the front are large and are easily accessible. I fit my lunch container in one of them. I was able to squish in my laptop into the little protected pouch along with a hat, gloves, pens, shoes, and notebook into the main carrying part. That's a lot of crap for a little shoulder bag. There is a little zipper pocket inside to hold the valuables. The side of the bag that faces the body has a magnetic button pouch perfect for a magazine or book. It doesn't weigh much unless you put heavy things in it. Solid messenger bag. A messenger bag 10/10 would recommend

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