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Heublein Ridge

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

This past weekend Katie and I had a small adventure in climbing a small mountain or big hill and at the top was a splendid view of Farmington valley. The short hike was only a few miles long and the total journey was less than 2 hours. It began with a very steep walk up between the trees that made me realize how out of shape I have become. There were small children walking easier than I was. A tree had fallen over the path providing the only real obstacle on the way up.

As we reached the crest the view opened up to a vast valley that was just starting to come alive after winter. A mixture of dark green and brown across the valley. We walked along the ridge and passed a small pond that sounded like it was full of ducks, but no ducks could be seen. Instead it was actually frogs making all the noise, the noisiest frogs I've ever heard. Further along the trail we came to the showpiece, a large tower known as Heublein Tower (the faint tower in the distance of the first picture.) Unfortunately it wasn't open to go to the top but it was a pretty nice building. Built by a food a beverage magnate, Gilbert Heublein, famous for A1 Steak sauce and Smirnoff it was quite the castle on a hill, thanks wikipedia. I'd live there given the opportunity. I also want to design my own castle on a mountain that will probably be made out of shipping containers and be partially buried underground. Everyone will be invited.

The area around the tower was well kept and had lots of picnic tables and benches. This white tree stood out amongst its green and brown friends. After a little more exploring we had to head back down to make it to lunch, which we ended up being late for anyway. The walk down was much easier.

A short hike to Heublein Tower 10/10 would recommend

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