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Saw a Wild Dolphin

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Although it happened two years ago, yea it feels about two years ago that I met this nice dolphin while crossing Biscayne Bay. He (maybe she, he never said) didn't stick around long but I think it was a mutually enjoyable experience for both of us. Just look at that smile, how can that not be a happy dolphin.

I know its been two years to the week because I was on my way to my brother's wedding when I met the dolphin. I was going to write about the wedding and while looking for pictures I found these ones and thought it they were better.

Happy Two year Anniversary Gordon and Emily, maybe you should come visit and then you'd

get a blog post.

Seeing a wild dolphin was a really cool experience, now I can always use the phrase "I saw a wild dolphin once"

10/10 would recommend

One last little peak and he waved goodbye

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