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BYOB Restaurants

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The local favorite for Indian food, Gandhi (yes a little stereotypical), also utilizes the best thing any restaurant can do for a cash conscious patron, BYOB. I have been a fan of Gandhi since first eating there the night I moved into Flatbush in May 2015. After being informed that it was a BYOB restaurant I went into the bodega next door and picked up a 6 pack and went back into Gandhi. The rest as they say is history. No one has ever said that about a dinner on a Tuesday night with roommates but anyway. Fast forward till tonight and it's still a BYOB place and it's still fantastic.

I understand that not every restaurant can be BYOB but for the select ones out there I appreciate you. It lets everyone have a drink at a restaurant without being charged $8 or more for a beer or a glass of wine and theoretically we have an unlimited selection of alcohol that we can take into the establishment and drink with our meal. A nice South African white wine with Dhan Saag and Lamb Biryani was delicious and probably wouldn't of been available at a non BYOB restaurant.

Take whatever you want, have a great time, and thank these restaurants for there existence.

BYOB restaurants 10/10 would recommend.

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