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One Week of Blogging

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Made it! what a victorious commitment to something so short and brand new. It has been much easier to keep up with this daily blog than I would of thought before I started. The ease of daily posting is probably, possibly, mostly due to having no set purpose or theme for the posts and going through basically no editing before clicking "Publish Post" in the top right corner. The rough draft becomes the final draft without a thought or care. It is a very satisfying feeling knowing that I am getting some fantastic ideas and information out there for the world to consume.

I have a few ideas planned out but everything written is mostly thought of during the day and blurted out into text at night. I'd say 6 of 7 blog posts this week were thought of the day of, besides this one that I thought of yesterday. I have many great blog ideas that shall remain a secret for now but will be revealed and quite possibly change the world in the future. Hopeful thinking. Besides the daily post, time has been spent on building up the other pages of the website with varying degrees of nonsuccesss.

The graph below is pretty self explanatory and taken from a feature on Win. 70 website visits woopee! I don't think it means 70 unique visits so most of them might be from me just checking out Stew's World. Also if my blog is anything like cryptocurrencies (it's not at all) but if it is you are going to want to get in at the ground floor, which is now!

Another reflection, not one person emailed me for free beard oil. The internets love free stuff, people don't know what they are missing out on, and since no one has claimed any of Stew's Beard Balm then YOU can still be the first. Other firsts you can be for this websites are first comment-er, first share-er, first like-er, first person to send me a poem about Stew's World (it would get it's own blog post), first person to make Stew's World your home page. The world is your shellfish.

Stew's World Daily Blog 10//10 would reccomend

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