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Fancy Cocktail Friday First Edition

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Fancy Cocktail Friday, arguably the best night of the week. Work is done for 60 or so hours, Liverpool play tomorrow morning, there's a St. Patty's Day Shin dig, might be getting my van finally, so many things to look forward to this weekend. But first, it's time to gather the ingredients and craft a cocktail worthy of any overpriced bar..... or so I had planned.

Riding over the bridge on the subway I was researching gin cocktails as there is about a quarter of a bottle left after last weeks fancy cocktail so that needs to be drunk before it goes bad. I found a cocktail called Moon River (what a cool sounding cocktail name) or an Old Etonian. Both sound and looked fancy online.

I stopped by a local fancy wine and spirits store PLG Wines, named after the gentrifying neighborhood that supports it (Prospect Lefferts Garden), to overspend on ingredients I have never heard of, what is Crème de Noyaux? I'm not uncultured I promise.

While purosing the shelves and taking advantage of the free tequila samples I was annoyed by the lack of help from the staff. What's the point of having four people working in the store if they don't help. I couldn't find anything and left with only the taste of tequila in my mouth, it was pretty good tequila, no idea what it was called.

I had to act quick as Fancy Cocktail Friday was now in jeopardy of not having the main attraction of a cocktail. A quick google search of gin cocktails returned the most unfancy sounding cocktail anyone could ever name. A cocktail that I would of loved to make in college, a cocktail more at home at a wedding between people who are already related, a cocktail made in a gatorade cooler, and the intentional cocktail of Waffle House.

The Alabama Slammer.

I was saved.

Gin, whiskey, amaretto, and orange juice. I had two of the ingredients already, gin and OJ. and I knew I could get a cheap bottle of Southern Comfort and amaretto at the local bullet proof liquor store. After picking up 50% of the ingredients for less than $40 I was ready to mix this beauty together, All the ingredients in the shaker with some ice, shaken up, poured into a nice glass. The first sip... yea that's kind of what I expected, it tastes like alcohol and orange juice. What an expected disappointment.

Never fear, I had a backup plan. I was able to buy Fever Tree's Bitter Lemon. It's like lemonade but fancy and not shit, and when mixed with gin produces a delicious cocktail. That's what I'm drinking now.

Stew's Fancy Cocktail Friday 10/10 would recommend.

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