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Trying Places Named "Best" Anything

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

This post discusses the idea similar to my previous blog about trying foods that are named Stewart's anything. I am drawn to and desire to sample anything food, beverage, or service that claims to be the Best. This need to try the best has provided many delicious meals, with two in particular that I would like to highlight.

Neighborhood's Best Chinese. Crown Heights, Brooklyn. A small Chinese takeout place that claims to be the best in the entire neighborhood, a bold claim as there are probably 10 or more Chinese restaurants. Conveniently located across the street from my apartment, it was the closest Chinese food so it already had a logistical leg up on the competition. Comparing restaurants is not a new idea but one I have put a lot of thought into, particularly how to compare in the fairest way possible. You can't get a glazed donut in one shop and a specialty donut in another and compare them. It just isn't that simple.The only way I can compare different types of restaurants that serve the same for is by ordering the same dish. For bagel places its a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything toasted. With equivalent options comparing is made easy. For Chinese food places it's a the very un-Chinese classic of General Tso's chicken. If a takeout place doesn't have a good General Tso's then what's the point, is it even a Chinese takeaway? Neighborhood's Best Chinese has a great General Tso's which fully supports the name claim of being the best. I'm not going to describe a good General Tso's, if you know then you know. Sadly I moved out of the delivery distance of Neighborhood's Best and haven't found a good substitute. Green Dragon and Great Wall both employ names that are supposed to make us think of an authentic Chinese experience but they fall short with pretty crap General Tso's. The search continues in the new neighborhood.

Best Meats, the local butcher. This place is great but benefits of having no competition that I know of as there is not another butcher close by. By default it is the best meat in the neighborhood, but also by default it is the worst. After three visit's to Best Meats I enjoy the experience of shopping at this butcher. I feel like the meat matters, and it should as it's all the sell. I don't have to buy meat wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam. It seems a better quality than can be found on the shelves of the local grocery store Food Markets (yes, it's plural for some reason). The employees at Best Meats are friendly and helpful. Sunday afternoons are really busy and I waited about 20 minutes with my ticket before it was my turn. I was ticket 92. There is a massive selection of meat, and things I would never have thought to want but I know where to go if I want cows feet or shin steaks. Best Meats carries many cuts from poultry, beef, pork, lamb, and goat, and maybe some others but that's what I could see.

An establishment calling themselves "Best" really doesn't mean much but sometimes they really might be the best at something so it is always worth a try. I don't have a great example of a horrible Best claim but when I find one I will spread the good word.

Trying things because they call themselves "Best" 10/10 would recommend.

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