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Passport Pictures

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I don't look at it often enough to remember how bad it is, so it's a small fun surprise seeing it once a year or however often I have to take it out. I look like a thumb. Where did my neck go, my sorry excuse for a beard is just face stubble that blends my chin and throat together. I won't get a new picture for at least 5 years. Couldn't care less.

I recently got a new passport photo taken, what an opportunity to make it a great one, or some kind of funny one. However I didn't have much of a chance to think about it as I was in an annoyed state at how difficult it was to get my picture taken. After going into one CVS and waiting in line I was told they didn't have a camera, it was "at the store on Broadway" come on CVS you can have a camera in each store get yo shit together. Then the CVS on Broadway was so big I had to go to the second floor, the escalator was way too narrow. There was one guy in front of me and he got his picture taken and the lady did her best to get the picture just right, then I go up she takes one picture and goes "that will work" I didn't event get to see it. 10 more years of "surprise this photo of you is crap." Missed opportunity to take a really great passport photo.

Oh well

Passports good for travel 10/10 would recommend

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