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First Wellies in Years

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Check out these sweet Wellies. The farmer specials, the cheapest rubber rain boots I could find, the

I always had fond memories of my green wellies that I wore as a toddler. What a great pair of shoes. Waterproof, mud proof, tall, durable on the feet of a child, easy to put on,the laces never come untied, can be worn all year round, easily washed, and stylish (maybe). I finally got a new pair! I searched for a while but couldn't find a pair similar to my childhood ones, but the new ones are going pretty well.

They are the perfect shoe for a snow day like today, so I had to test them out.

Testing out my wellies went well. No leaks when I stood in a puddle. My feet stay warm, they aren't insulated and I just had wool socks on. They kick up snow pretty well.

I can definitely fit the part of a farmer as these boots were labelled "for agriculture"

Everyone needs a pair of these.

Wellington Boots 10/10 would recommend

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