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A Small Airport Victory

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

TSA pre-check, I refuse to pay for it. I think it's stupid to allow people with money to have a slightly more convenient airport experience at the cost of a miniscule amount of less security. The whole thing is pointless. Travelling is all about the experience and the airport can be the very first part of it. Usually bad experiences happen at airports, why do people have to line up before their seats are called, just sit down please, just like people who crowd the subway doors, it isn't leaving without you (unless sometimes the subway does...). 

Everyone should enjoy their airport experience, even the crappy parts. Like waiting in line behind people that lose all sense of intelligence and can't figure out how to take a belt off or think they don't have to after being told hundreds of times to do so, or don't know that loose change will set off a metal detector, or don't think an x-ray machine will see what's in their pockets after being told to empty them. Maybe there's a screaming kid that hates the line even more than you do and is making sure everyone knows it. Maybe it's that uncomfortable feeling when the drug or bomb dog sniffs you and you hope it doesn't attack even though there's no reason it should. Rambling on about airports could go on for a while but this is about the small victory at the airport. 

The TSA pre-check line was longer than the regular security line and the airport people kept ushering the pre-check elites into their dedicated line. My line was faster and I got through first. Haha.

Small victories 10/10 would recommend

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