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Packing in Winter for a Tropical Vacation

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Turns out packing for a tropical vacation in winter is a little bit of an adventure, as everything in life should be. It took a while to find everything, it took a while to find anything. I also realized I only own one bathing suit and I'm quite happy about that. I could only find one pair of shorts in  my summer storage bag, along with some golfing shirts that I'm not taking. I found some solid tropical shirts that are my "yea I'm on a cruise" shirts, I'll rewear those every other day. I think I lost my flip flops so I don't have a pair of those. Not taking a towel. My only button up shirt is the one I wore to work today. A few pairs of socks and boxers and I'm all done. Turns out the lack of having tropical/cruise clothes makes packing really easy. Just take whatever, it's a vacation. Who cares.

Packing whatever for a tropical vacation 10/10 would recommend

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