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Fancy Cocktail Friday (Delayed) Part 3

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

It (was) that time of the week again, Fancy Cocktail Friday. After last week's sugary questionable cocktail it was time to step up and do it right. After finding a great wine and liquor store I knew I would be able to get just about any ingredients. Astor Wine and Liquor was pretty busy but the staff was helpful and the selection was grand. After about 25 minutes I had collected the necessary ingredients, spent a chunk of my tax return and headed home. Up this week is the Scottish classic (no idea if that's true, but it has my birth place in the name) expertly found by Katie, The Glasgow Mule. A blended whiskey cocktail. The ingredients include Famous Grouse whiskey, St Germain liquor, some bitters, ginger beer, and a slice of lemon and candied ginger.

Mix all these together in the right amount to get a delicious and refreshing twist to a mule. The Glasgow Mule is light and ginger-y (obviously the best color), St Germain is an elder flower liquor that is delicious by itself and adds a floral factor to the fizzy cocktail. Bitters add a small kick to finish it off. That's my attempted at a fancy cocktail description, stick around for more zingers.

The Glasgow Mule 10/10 would recommend

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